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Fostering Joy During The Holidays

"Tis the season to be JOLLY!" It's also a season of high stress, depression, and anxiety šŸ„“. People are stressed over year-end deadlines, and depressed due to shorter days with less sun light. It's me, I'm "people" - I miss the sun! Don't worry. I'm not depressed, but if I'm not careful barren trees and darker days can leave ya girl feeling #DRAINED to say the least!

Many are anxious about unachieved goals, finances, or not celebrating the holidays the way they're accustomed to (among other things). Let's face it, it has been a transformational year for the entire WORLD. For better or for worse, the year is not done, and we all have a choice to make:

A. Be lead by how we feel and current circumstances


B. Choose to pursue JOY & PEACE

I know it's easier said than done, but succumbing to negativity is a choice. Many of us have lost loved ones, jobs, our sense of security, and more. Let me be clear - these life changes deserve to be processed, mourned even... BUT, it is POSSIBLE to process hard things, AND pursue JOY.

How? This requires some intentionality and a perspective shift.

  1. Make a declaration about the season (and recite it as often as is helpful). I've been saying, "It's going to be a joy-filled December to remember in my home." What about yours? What are you speaking into existence as we close out the year? I firmly believe that we have the power to curate an environment of joy and peace in our homes if that's what we desire - with our words, our prayers, and of course with our actions!

  2. Serve others in a way that's meaningful. Sometimes it's hard to see past our own "stuff" until we come across someone who's stuff is a lot weightier than our own. I'm not saying to minimize whatever is concerning you. I am saying to find a way to serve someone in need and watch joy rise in your heart. My family and I will be serving via USPS Operation Santa. Opportunities to give abound. Joy is the fruit of a generous and grateful spirit.

  3. Plan fun holiday activities. I realize we're still navigating our way through this pandemic. BUT there has to be one person in your bubble that you can plan some holiday fun with.

To this end, my family and I create seasonal bucket lists! We do this to create anticipation and excitement around the season. It's great for little ones because they're able to choose activities from the list, help prepare, and know that their voice matters.

fostering joy for the holidays

Because of ongoing enhanced safety measures, many of our usual activities are limited BUT, there are still so many ways to get creative and plan for fun quality time with loved ones. Whether you're curating a list with your closest girlfriends for quarantine girls nights, committing to nurturing your relationship, or trying to create family fun - pursue Joy. It is attainable.

I love you & Iā€™m rooting for you,

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