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DO IT ANYWAY: 5 ways to Push Past Excuses & Into Purpose

I started this blog several years ago…

I know, I know. It’s new to you. I just launched, right? True, but this journey started in 2014. *Gasp*

Yes, It’s been 6 years …

First, it only existed in my head, then on paper, and in notes on my phone. I finally bought the web domain, but convinced myself that it was too much work considering everything else I had on my plate at the time. I had valid excuses: full time student, full time minister, new mom, newish wife, and entrepreneur. I mean, that’s a pretty full plate, no? You probably read that and thought to yourself: “Girl, I’m tired for you!” or “Sis. me too. My plate is full and needs nothing else!”

Let me be clear. This wasn’t something I just felt like doing or dreamt up. I knew God was speaking to my spirit and He gave me clear vision. I was just “too busy.” I told my girlfriends at the top of 2017 that I was finally going to do it within the first two quarters of the year. The date on this blog post determined that was a lie. (side eye emoji)

I allowed uncertainty to quench my ambition. I allowed my very full plate to overflow leaving me busy and out of alignment with purpose. I allowed my responsibilities as a wife and mother to consume me, and convinced myself that maybe this vision was for “later” – whenever that is. Sound familiar?

I realized my biggest hurdle, and the common denominator in my so-called setbacks was ME. Every delay I experienced was (mostly) self-imposed. This time I’m finishing what I started – and you can too!

Here are some tips that pushed me past excuses into action that might help you on your journey.


It’s not a coincidence that in the bible, the disciples often went out in pairs. Maybe if they went to evangelize the world solo they would have QUICKLY changed their minds when faced with obstacles (lol). Share your dream/goal with 1-2 people you trust and ask them to hold you accountable. Be prayerful about selecting who you’ll share your dreams with. This will help you ensure that your accountability partner(s) are people who are discerning, discreet, and deliberate in supporting you. Give them permission to call you out on your crap procrastination AND speak life into you if you start to lose momentum!


God often gives us ideas that are beyond our means to execute. It requires HIM - His grace & His guidance. He delights in answering our prayers because He’s a “good father,” and I promise He isn’t interested in giving His children the silent treatment, especially as it pertains to PURPOSE! Make time to silence the doubts and increase your faith through prayer. You will gain clarity and find peace. Expect answers and they will come. I believe God will illuminate your mind and give you divine strategy to execute your vision as you commit to CONSISTENT one on one time with Him. If you’re feeling stuck, chances are you haven’t given Him permission to be your personal GPS. Or, maybe you have but you’re just not listening. Prayer is a two-way communication tool.


Big lofty goals can overwhelm us – especially when we feel like we don’t have the resources needed to move forward. Break it down to small steps needed to reach your intended goal. If you desire to write a book, start with 15 minutes of focused writing time each day. Make this time non-negotiable! Over time, those 15 minutes will FLY by and you will have disciplined yourself to commit to your craft. This can apply to any area of life from finances to relationships. Breaking down goals into actionable steps is a surefire way to stay consistent & motivated.


Re: #3 –> “Write the vision and make it plain.” Literally write each step down. There’s something prophetic about writing out a plan of action re: Habakkuk 2:2. As you complete tasks on your to-do list towards your dreams, CELEBRATE! Small victories lead to BIG wins! Celebration will boost your morale along your journey. Every time I complete a task towards one of my goals I do a happy dance. It’s corny but it works for me. I also take GREAT pleasure in using a bold color to cross out completed items on my list. It’s the little things.


Seriously. Pause and do something RIGHT now towards your goal(s). It doesn’t matter what it is … just attach your faith to this moment and make the decision to move forward. Then come back and comment below. I want to hear about what you’re working on and what steps you’re taking to manifest the vision God has given you.

Listen y’all, if we’ve learned anything at all from the man currently occupying the oval office it’s that “qualifications” are completely subjective lol I’m just sayin’… The very things you think are disqualifying you from reaching whatever dream you have are probably WHY you’re qualified!

In all seriousness, don’t let your excuses, past, doubts, or ANYTHING else stop you from pursuing what is in your heart. Your greatest enemy is YOU – look in the mirror and WIN!

“And if you're paralyzed by a voice in your head
It's the standing still that should be scaring you instead
Go on and
Do it anyway”
– Ben Folds, Do it Anyway

I love you & I’m rooting for you

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