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Quarantine-Proof Valentine's Date Night Ideas

Valentine's Day - Quarantine proof your date night

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Whether you’re celebrating with #bae, baking heart shaped cookies with your kids, or toasting it up with your girls - any reason to celebrate the love in your life is always a good thing!

If you haven’t been motivated to celebrate, but are starting to feel the itch as the date approaches, I have a few #quarantineproof last-minute #ValentinesDay date ideas that are clutch and EASY!

  • Create an at home picnic - If the climate in your neck of the woods is 70s and sunny in February, do this outdoors! Otherwise, your living room will do just fine. This one can be fun for the whole family, or just you and #bae! If you’re like me and you want to avoid the sugar rush, opt for a healthy-ish brunch charcuterie board instead of a candy fest for Valentine's Day. Lay out a blanket, pick a fun movie (or game) and enjoy each other’s company. The intentionality behind creating a beautiful experience for everyone to enjoy will go a long way here! To make it more romantic, add candles, wine and schedule this for sunset. No interruptions, just good vibes and quality time. Per usual, I’ve got you covered with amazon links to make the ambiance just right! Amazon Prime for the win!

  • Create an at home top chef experience - Explore cooking (or ordering) a new type of cuisine! Cooking together can be a great way for couples (or even friends) to share love this weekend. Pull out the fine china and make it pretty even if it came from UberEats! Ambiance matters. The Tik Tok viral #BakedPasta hack is easy to execute. I have a version of the recipe in my reels that’s super easy and yummy!

  • A Virtual Concert - The beauty of this season is that artists both mainstream and independent are all looking for ways to connect with their audience. Purchase tickets to your favorite artist’s live music experience, stream it to your TV or computer, pour a glass of your favorite drink, and dance the night away. This might be the most affordable, but meaningful concert you’ll ever attend in your life. If you love soul and R&B, here’s my recommendation for a great live music experience that will be streaming on valentines day:

Aaron Marcellus - Tender

If you try any of these suggestions, tag me and let me know!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember, love is in the details, is an action word, and worthy of celebrating 365. Make room for it regardless of your relationship status ❤️

I'm rooting for you!

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